September 30, 2014

Over the weekend, Ello, a “different” social network with a manifesto, and an ideological foundation in the opposite direction of Facebook’s, went viral. I apparently signed up for a preview a while ago, so I have an account as well.

My initial thoughts mostly circled around their graphic design (which I love!), but since there’s so few people using it, I didn’t find much use for it. I’m actually still unsure what I should post there.

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Svpply is riding into the sunset, for now

June 25, 2014

I am pretty bummed that Svpply is being sunsetted by Ebay, and I wholeheartedly agree with Craig Williams’ sentiment here:

Svpply created navigation patterns that have been widely used (overused?) since, but at they time the app was as fresh as it gets. When iOS7 showed up, the app was already right at home. With zero updates in two years, it still feels absolutely current today.

Svpply has had a huge influence on my design style, and sense of design as a whole. Simple, easily accessible and modern.

I will miss it.

(Well, until Ben Pieratt reveals these other plans he is working on.)

Summer is here, and it's good

June 22, 2014

Summer is the prime time of the year. All the sights and smells you have missed in the long winter. All the long evenings and bright mornings. It is not the beginning of something new—it is here for you to enjoy. Here is a couple of photos of what I have enjoyed recently.

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How about a Scandinavian mega-city?

June 19, 2014

Big Think:

Picture a megacity of about 8 million. You’re likely thinking of a place like London, Kinshasa or Rio de Janeiro. An urban jungle: teeming, chaotic and vibrant. Not the green and pleasant, but frankly rather empty Oslo to Copenhagen corridor.

8 million city overview

Who would have thought The Sprawl was actually going to be in Scandinavia?

Photo via Frank Jacobs on Flickr.

Airbnb x The Selby

June 19, 2014

The Selby went on a tour, sponsored by Airbnb, to take photos from listings in London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and Los Angeles for their new office.

The photos are, of course, stunning:

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